Get VIP Treatment You Deserve

Strip Key Limo is one of the largest table and bottle service clients at most nightclubs in Las Vegas. We have an enduring relationship with the management of several nightclubs. Thus, we have access that is not available to ordinary people. We get exclusive deals and VIP nightclub entry that we can pass on to you. We can get you VIP entrance into the nightclub; you will not have to wait in long queues for hours.

Since you will be paying in advance, therefore, there will be no extra last-minute charges. You can enjoy drinks with your people without worrying about the bill. All you need is your ID, and you are good to go. With Strip Key Limo, you will receive unbeatable pricing, exclusive deals, and superior customer service.

Las Vegas Nightclub Bottle Service

With our Las Vegas nightclub bottle service, you will receive a VIP entry (means no wait in long lines and walk right into the club). You will also receive the bottles you want along with all the mixers to go with those bottles. You will be seated at the best tables of the clubs or on the table discussed with us in advance.

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Las Vegas VIP Nightclub Entry

Why wait in lines for hours when you can get VIP entry to nightclubs? When you opt for our Las Vegas VIP nightclub entry service, you get right into the club. NO LINES! With us, you will not have to wait even in the VIP line. Our representative will meet you outside the club and will walk you into the club with zero lines.

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Las Vegas Pool Parties & Dayclubs

We hope you are aware of the difficulty in getting access to Las Vegas pool parties. If you are looking for VIP entry to pool parties in Las Vegas, we can help! We can also help you get a pool cabana or assist in daybed reservations. We have connections with the hottest pools like Dayclub at Marquee, Encore Beach Club, etc.

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Las Vegas Hotel Room Booking

We have tie-ups with several hotels and luxury resorts in Las Vegas. Whether you are looking for a luxury VIP suite or a discounted room, we can help! Let us know about the property you want your accommodation to be in, and we can book it for you.

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